I Like People Who Shake Other People Up And Make Them Feel Uncomfortable.

(Jim Morrison, Eyes)

This is a great article.  If you’ve ever felt like an introvert, even if just for an evening, you should read.  Love, love, love this…

 The Upside of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated)

By: Bryan Walsh

I’m in the bathroom of the American embassy in Tokyo, and I can’t leave. Somewhere in the elegant rooms beyond, the ambassador is holding his annual holiday party. Diplomats from around the world, U.S. military personnel and reporters are mingling, sipping Champagne and picking at hors d’oeuvres. As TIME’s Tokyo bureau chief, I should be there, trolling for gossip or mining potential sources.
And for 20 minutes or so after arriving, despite the usual nerves, I did just that. But small talk with stiff-backed strangers at a swanky cocktail party is by far my least favorite part of my job. Send me to a famine or a flood and I’m comfortable. A few rounds of the room at a social event, however, leave me exhausted. So now and then I retreat into the solitude of the bathroom, watching the minutes tick by until I’ve recovered enough to go back out there.  
My name is Bryan, and I’m an introvert. If this scene sounds familiar to you, then chances are that you’re one too.

The Upside of Being An Introvert …for the rest of the article.

Enjoy.  Much Love.  Sarah