“Don’t hold onto pain. Here or anyplace. Don’t try and work through it. It may not hurt you the first time, but it builds up.” -Darby Orr

This past weekend in training we focused on Anatomy.  We learned how when a muscle is in pain, blood flow is restricted to that area.  Yet the more we feel the pain, the more we tighten that muscle, restricting more blood.  And as the pain gets deeper, we tighten a bit more.  It’s true in life too, isn’t it?  As I lay on the hardwood floor of the studio during the last five minutes of class tonight, I finally let myself relax.  The throbbing in my shin shifted to more of a heartbeat.  The panic in my breath,  an even pace.  And as I got up to leave,  I walked right on out without my car keys.  Opps, I thought, until I looked down and realized I’d forgotten my shoes too :) Funny things start to happen when you let go. And I mean this in the most sincere of compliments –Thanks Darby.


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